Global high-tech manufacturer

A global high-tech manufacturer digitized the enterprise through a massive Pega adoption project to respond to continuous change in the market landscape

Challenge and vision

Faced with great change in industry business models, technologies, markets, and competitors – and the desire to move from a “product and services” company to an “IT” solutions company – this global high-tech leader needed to become an adaptive enterprise: enabled by processes structured for change and a robust business information architecture. The company also needed to enable “fast IT” to deliver change at the speed of business.

The global service supply chain processes, however, were reliant on isolated ERP systems and manual processes.

The company focused on enabling end-to-end visibility of its global service supply chain processes by moving to an intelligent business process management platform that functions as a unifying business layer.

How Low-Code helped

Increasing agility by empowering the business and simplifying IT.

Pega Low-Code platform was chosen for its speed and responsiveness to change. It instituted Pega as a business rules management system for all of the company’s global service supply chain applications and processes.

Users now have a single dashboard, personalized to their organizational role, as well as end-to-end visibility and a consistent view of the business, with the ability to see real-time information from back-office systems and ERP solutions.

The company also implemented a rules-based engine for asset recovery, exception-based order management, and escalation management, which minimizes order exceptions that jeopardize the customer experience.

With Pega, business users can manage business rules and policies with minimal IT support. Because they can simulate the impact of changes beforehand, users can make changes on-demand. Using adaptive analytics, they can also assess the effectiveness of new processes and make modifications if required.


Digitization across the enterprise delivers increased visibility, speed of change.

All of the enterprise’s standard service metrics – efficiency, speed, cost, user experience, business risk – have trended in the right direction.

Time-to-market for new IT capabilities has collapsed from three to six months to two to four weeks, with many deployed.

Infrastructure costs decreased, as Pega runs in the cloud. The four-month global rollout resulted in significant productivity gains.


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