Leading Telco Company

A leading telco company embraced a real end-to-end automation of its B2B Order to Bill process thanks to the adoption of Low-Code.

Challenge and vision

To provide a differentiated B2B customer experience.

The customer wanted to provide a seamless digital customer experience for its sales, configuration, quoting, and ordering processes across multiple lines of business. It wanted to give sales agents full visibility into leads, contracts, and service requests.

These goals were hampered internally by a complex IT environment, with siloed legacy systems supporting the enterprise business and customer base. With neither a unified view of customer information nor end-to-end visibility, the sales and contracting process was manual and error-prone, resulting in lost sales opportunities, slow response times for custom requests, and unhappy customers.

The customer’s vision was to provide a differentiated B2B customer experience by responding to custom requests quickly and fulfilling orders accurately and on-time. To do this, the company needed to unify sales, contracting, fulfillment, and billing processes by integrating systems and providing a seamless customer experience.

How Low-Code helped

Building a modern implementation on a legacy infrastructure.

The company was able to take advantage of Pega’s Low-Code “Build for Change” technology, which allows the business to make changes to products, business rules, and processes without the help of IT, improving time to market, reducing errors, and accelerating sales-cycle times.

Unlike most companies that want to replace legacy systems, the customer needed to leverage the existing servicing, ordering, and product catalogs due to risk and the replacement costs for integrating with back-office systems.

The customer’s initial focus was on streamlining the contracting and ordering process. The Pega solution wrapped around its legacy environments, integrating product and customer data from three CRM systems to support complex enterprise solutions. Pega’s solution includes a unified product catalog that enables sales teams to bundle products and services from legacy CRM systems, as well as new service-based products.

The solution also uses case management to enable orchestration, ensuring seamless handoffs, follow-through, and end-to-end visibility.


Improved customer experience, responsiveness.

With the Pega solution, the customer can now go to market more aggressively with dozens of new integrated offers.

Because the business, rather than IT, can now make changes itself, offers can be launched in weeks rather than months.

New indirect sales channels enable sales to reach new customers, and a new program was initiated to drive customer loyalty. This has resulted in increased revenue, expanded market share, and brand loyalty.


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